I received my certification of this northern style from Ananda Apfelbaum, ​national and international Thai Massage instructor, therapist and author. Her teacher is master healer Pichest Boonthumme. I received
my Hatha 
yoga certificate from Yogi Charu of Savitri Yoga Shal and co-manager 

of Pure​ Yoga's teacher training. 


DAILY: 7a.m. to 9p.m.


prices start at $120

HATHA YOGA SESSIONS (including kriya, aroma-therapy
and meditation)

$75       1 Hour 
$100     90 minutes
$125     2 hours

*Group classes available, please email me for details and rates.

FOR FIGHTERS (with books),

​This is an ancient healing modality that for centuries was practiced in the temples in Thailand. The practice is rooted in Yoga, Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese Medicine, and Buddhism. I have been practicing Yoga and Martial arts for over 10 years and no other form of therapy has given me transformation that I've found with this work.

During the session I apply deep static pressing and rhythmic
stretching of the muscles to move energy through the entire body. Other techniques may include lifting you into aerial positions, and assisting you into yoga-like postures such as Bhujangasana (cobra). As a result your mind will become quiet and your body relaxed.  Regular practice benefits the muscular, nervous, circulatory, and digestive systems, increases joint mobilization and significantly decreases stress. It will ease physical pain and reduce insomnia. It's very common for the client to become sleepy during the session.
I work on people of all ages and occupations. Each session is  transformative and customized to meet the client’s individual needs.

I have specific experience preparing fighters and martial artists
for training and matches. No other therapeutic  can improve the performance of a fighter like this one can.

One to Two-hour sessions are given on a thick  mat, with the client
comfortably clothed.